We thank our guests for their kind words.

A Brief Selection of Guest Comments

"I hate to leave. You have cosseted me for two weeks: Marshlands Inn quality and style, cordon bleu food, music to suit the visitors, the pleasure of being with a happy loving family. I want to come back. Many thanks & best wishes."
- Fran H., UK

"A lovely clean home to rest and relax. A B&B in a class with the best of them. Keep up the great work."
- Anton L., New Jersey, USA

"I have discovered that attention to detail makes the difference. Your attention to detail is exceptional! Thanks for the recipe."
- Vicki, New Brunswick, Canada

"We would love to give you an award for your wonderful house and the warm atmosphere. We loved your breakfast. Thank you so much!"
- Ilse & Heinz, Linz, Austria

"We are very pleased to stay at your B&B. We love such big & clean bathrooms with fresh smelling towels. Thank you for your help to make our stay comfortable. We wish you all the best!"
- Sarah & Roger T., Switzerland

"Many thanks for your excellent hospitality. Where else could one wake up to Eggs Benedict accompanied by jazzy music, candles, a cow and a giraffe? If I am back this way, I will book well in advance as I am sure you will be very busy. Best of luck to you."
- Elizabeth, Nunavut, Canada

"Welcome to Cozyville! What a lovely home - very welcoming. Breakfast was wonderful. We will be sure to spread the Belgravia word! Good luck!"
- Leoni & George, New Brunswick, Canada

"Perfect!! Just what I needed!! Thanks."
- David K., Ontario, Canada

"What a beautiful place to stay, the detail and care you've taken to ensure a great stay for your guests is fantastic. You will come highly recommended in PEI!! Thank you!"
- Dave & Sue, PEI, Canada

"You both are certainly well suited for running a B&B. The house is beautiful, the food amazing and the hospitality extraordinary! Thank you for being so welcoming. It's always great to meet another CBC fan!"
- Beth & Rob, Ontario, Canada

"What a gracious and warm welcome! We feel rested, well-fed and cared for on this midway point of our journey, as if we were visiting favorite family, not just a bed & breakfast. Your home is beautiful, your family delightful, and this is the most comfortable bed in Nova Scotia! Breakfast was spectacular! Wishing you all the best in your new venture - Warmest thanks."
- Deena, Craig & Miles, New York, USA

"In the fast pace of everyday life of travelers such as we are covering up to 100,000 km each & every year ... it is so refreshing to find a place to rest our head & hang our hearty hat such as The Belgravia! It is the personification of 'comfort & relaxation'! Thank you! We truly enjoyed our stay with you! We will be back again!"
- Jake & Judith, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Lullaby, what a wonderful name for the peace we felt here in your home!"
- Shirley & Joe, Missouri, USA

"Best sleep & breakfast in the two weeks vacation - best of luck!"
- Audrie, Ontario, Canada

"What a lovely home to come back to after riding the tidal bore. The room is comfortable and -simply- lovely. Breakfast was delicious & served with casual grace. The fresh fruit, muffins & eggs Florentine were all perfect. Thank you for your gracious hospitality. We felt we could be ourselves here."
- Char & Jeff, New Jersey, USA

"The home called Belgravia is *Four Stars*. The home cooked breakfast is *Four Stars*. The warmth and hospitality are unmeasurable. It is with happiness we came here. It is with sadness we leave this home and the family who live here. Our wish is to return again and again. Thanks for all you have done for us during our stay. With our sincere gratitude!"
- John & Judi, Connecticut, USA

"Thank you so much for the warm and hospitable welcome within The Belgravia. Your home is tastefully decorated; your welcome is heartfelt and sincere. I was treated to a wonderfully home-cooked meal, and felt very much at home and will do my best to let friends and family experience just what I found; what all Nova Scotians take such pride in; our love of history, family and home! Three cheers to you!"
- Debbie Lewis, Nova Scotia, Canada